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Maintenance efficiency is a crucial factor that affects mining operation productivity.  Gecko® can help your mining operation save money, increase safety, and improve productivity.

A wrong maintenance products selection cause stoppage, more spending, more hassle, more labor, and more environmental damage.

Are you looking for extraordinary results? Demand Gecko® heavy duty products fit for your needs and challenges.

When it comes to mining equipment maintenance or repair solutions, trust proven Gecko® solutions.


Our non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners are environmentally compliant. Gecko® can readily be used as a cleaner for marine applications and as a boat cleaning product without polluting the ocean. Applications include cleaning oily bilges, fish holds, cargo areas, and more.

Whether it’s tank and cargo hold cleaning, essential maintenance tasks in the engine room, or general cleaning of crew and galley areas, the job must be done. But wherever there’s a cleaning task, there’s also an opportunity to contribute directly to the operating efficiency of the vessel.

Gecko® supplies cleaners and degreasers to industries requiring heavy-duty cleaning products.


Gecko® has formulated a professional strength line of truck and fleet washing detergents and aluminum brighteners for touchless cleaning, a variety of different cleaning solutions for the transportation industry. Our industrial detergents have been used by bus stations, train stations, transit authorities, and car washes. They have been utilized in numerous applications including vehicle washes, chassis washes, pressure washers, and more.

Our cleaners are safe for the employees, the environment, surfaces and won’t clog your systems.


Whatever you need to be cleaned in your industrial facility – from the front office, the warehouse, plant floor, tools, machinery, or equipment itself – Gecko® has the expertise, experience, and the products to get the job easier, faster, and better. Our industrial cleaning products help ensure your operation stays productive.

Gecko® help ensures a safer and productive working environment for your employees.

A clean facility not only helps improve employee morale but also helps keep employees safe. Improper cleaning can result in workplace accidents or illnesses.

Do the Job easier,
Faster and Better.

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