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Gecko® has the knowledge, trained specialists and high-performance cleaning products for any industrial equipment and facility. Your process is tough. So are our degreasers. Invest in cleanliness and increase your equipment’s lifespan and efficiency.
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Fight grime and grease with Gecko®

Oils, lubricants, heavy-duty greases, rust inhibitors, cutting fluids and other products are needed to keep industrial machinery operating; however, these products become a bad thing when greasy materials accumulate, becoming a magnet for dirt and contaminants.

All industrial machinery, equipment, tools, and facilities are subject to oil and grease contamination.

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Gecko® helps businesses to identity and eliminate hazardous materials in the workplace and processes opportunities to improve key performance indicators in your maintenance, repair, and operation processes such as chemical products performance, labor, machine downtime, equipment wear, water consumption and more.

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Through a dedicated technical sales team who work directly with our customers, Gecko® is not only providing chemical products; Our team is trained to listen and provide tailor and innovative solutions that answer customer needs. Gecko® helps make the industrial maintenance, repair, and operation process more efficient and safer; reducing chemicals use, waste and misuse, machine downtime and labor costs.


As an addition to Gecko® value-added services, Gecko® offers FREE Seminars in house to encourage an efficient, safer, and productive work environment. Whether it is the Industrial Cleaner Seminar or the Chemical Safety Seminar that you are interested in, Gecko® will work with you to customize the perfect training for your team.


Gecko® formula, produces and support a wide range of industrial cleaners, heavy duty degreasers and specialty products for use in the industry, for metal degreasing, washing industrial floors, removal of asphalt spots, automotive and truck degreasers, engine degreasers, electrical equipment cleaning, rust removal, concrete removal, and many other tasks.

Gecko® designs, formulates, manufactures, and supports tailored products for our customer specific   needs.


Gecko® develops and manufactures high performance cleaner degreasers and specialty products for industrial maintenance, repair, and operation. We provide specialty cleaning solutions for mining, marine, transportation, industrial, contractors, and many other industries.

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Cleaner Degreasers

The Industrial maintenance is one of the most careful jobs in the world. Maintaining clean wash bay, tools, machinery, and facilities are no joke considering the number of greases, oils, rust inhibitors, other fluids, and contaminants built-up in these environments.

Keeping your industrial facilities and equipment clean can be very expensive and dragging because of strict government regulations which requires safe removal and disposal generated wastewater. Periodic cleaning is a must and utilizing the right product for your industry will make the job easier, efficient, and cost-effective.

Specialty Products

In most industries specifically in aggressive environments like mining, marine, transportation, gas and oil, and others, the need for consistent high-quality, reliable plant maintenance solutions is frequently undervalued until it is too late, resulting in expensive equipment repair and replacement, safety issues, and unbudgeted labor costs.

Gecko® has a broad range of comprehensive specialty products line to keep companies ahead of maintenance crises, focused on, corrosion prevention, heavy duty cleaning, and equipment life extension. Our solutions often dramatically improve equipment reliability, assure safety during process, and reduce total costs.



Maintenance efficiency is a crucial factor that affects mining operation productivity.  Gecko® can help your mining operation save money, increase safety, and improve productivity.

A wrong maintenance products selection cause stoppage, more spending, more hassle, more labor, and more environmental damage.

Are you looking for extraordinary results? Demand Gecko® heavy duty products fit for your needs and challenges.

When it comes to mining equipment maintenance or repair solutions, trust proven Gecko® solutions.


Our non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners are environmentally compliant. Gecko® can readily be used as a cleaner for marine applications and as a boat cleaning product without polluting the ocean. Applications include cleaning oily bilges, fish holds, cargo areas, and more.

Whether it’s tank and cargo hold cleaning, essential maintenance tasks in the engine room, or general cleaning of crew and galley areas, the job must be done. But wherever there’s a cleaning task, there’s also an opportunity to contribute directly to the operating efficiency of the vessel.

Gecko® supplies cleaners and degreasers to industries requiring heavy-duty cleaning products.

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Do the Job easier,
Faster and Better.

“Discover Top-Quality Cleaning Products Here.”
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